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Ball Finial

An original finial design by Brian Turner.


This example was created from 9mm thick lead sheet, cut, bent and burned together into shape.


This design can be made with various bases to fit various post sizes.  The finials have 22mm copper pipe inserted into the post, then secretly pinned with a sheet lead post cap, which can be crafted to suit the post.


Size as shown: 200mm made for 75mm post


Guide price: £138.50 excl. VAT 


Pine Cone Finial

Commissioned by George Carter for a country house.


This design can have 12mm or 10mm threaded brass rod fixing, or other methods to suit your application.


Height as shown: 20 cms


Guide price: £39.50 excl. VAT 


Flame Finial

Designed by George Carter as a commission for a Charlottesville mansion in the USA.


Height as shown: 30cms


Guide price: £82 excl. VAT  

Lead Apple Finial Image

Lead Apple Finial with Copper Leaves

An original finial design by Brian Turner.


This finial is constructed with a 10mm brass threaded fixing rod.


Guide price: £90 excl. VAT

Crown Pipe Vent Cover Image

Crown Vent Pipe Cover

Designed by Brian Turner from a Victorian model.


This unusual piece - made from a single sheet of slate lead, is the ideal adornment for houses which predate plastic.


The design can be adapted in a range of sizes  to fit your site.


Size as shown: fits into present-day 110mm PVC soil pipes. 


Guide price: £246 excl. VAT

Pineapple and Agave Finials Image

Pineapple and Agave Finials

Commissioned by George Carter for a country house.  Designed by Brian Turner and sculptor Anne Huston.


Combined together here in a large fruit cage installation, the Pineapple and Agave finials - with copper detailing - can be used individually for other designs.


Height as shown: Pineapple: 80cms  Agave: 40cms


Guide price: Pineapple: £1480 Agave: £255  excl. VAT




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