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Although it is a very hard-wearing and long-lasting substance, antique leadwork pieces such as urns and sculptures sometimes need restoration and repair.


Consider that several hundred years ago - when many of these objects were first made - lead was a much scarcer resource than today.  This caused corners to be cut in construction - in areas which would not be seen.  Also, the structural techniques employed for making complex objects were less advanced than they are today.


Restoration of these ancient objects is the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of Brian Turners' work.  The problems of each individual piece must be carefully analysed before the correct solution can be found and implemented.



'There can scarcely be a doubt that the happiest material for our garden sculpture and ornament is lead'  Gertrude Jekyll



Our recent restoration projects have included:


Restored Urn

A 100 year old Urn...

...with a lid which had sunk in on itself due to the combined effects of the weight of its own finial, trapped water, sun and frost damage. 


Turners were able to restore the lid to its proper position, adding a support to prevent further problems.




Restored Urn

A 17th Century Urn...

...with collapsed sides and a damaged base due to insufficient support at the core and base of the original design. 


This restoration required a redesigned core to shift the top weight from the fluted sides.  The base of the piece was also remade, replacing the code 8 lead with 9mm lead plus an internal brace to spread the load.

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